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Fort Wayne Real Estate Analysis

Ranking in’s Top Ten Most Affordable Cities, and Top Ten Hottest Markets in the U.S. in 2016.  People in Ft. Wayne will tell you what a great place it is.  The sense of pride is easy to find.  People are glad to share with you how cool it is…  because it wasn’t always.

Typical Midwest/Rustbelt city, it was a manufacturing town.  But in about 2000, a state-of-the art minor league baseball stadium was built right smack in the middle of the once bustling downtown. It bustled up until about the 1950’s anyway. There was a steady decline of the downtown for the next 40 or so years as sprawl moved residential and retail activity away from the core.

The ballpark served as a catalyst for small independant businesses to move in, and it just gets better each year. The downtown is a source of pride for all types, especially among the young and hip, who may have little to do with baseball. (Sports fan or not, Tin Caps games are a blast.)

You’ll find top-notch dining establishments. (trend toward locally sourced “farm-to-table” fare and on-site brewing)  Live music. Art galleries. Theater.  Fort Wayne even has an impressive Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra that performs in the Embassy Centre, a breathtaking Art Deco gem in its own right.

Greater Fort Wayne is a regional medical center, with the Parkview and Lutheran networks employing thousands, and serving about a 100 mile radius with specialists and healthcare.  Sweetwater Sound and Vera Bradley are both based here, and employ not only the artistic and the technical, but give back to the community with tremendous support for local foundations, special events, and the arts.

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Fort WayneListed Downtown ft Wayne Skyline

Fort Wayne Listed Downtown Skyline

Fort Wayne Real Estate Listings

Active Listings in Fort Wayne

528 Lavina Street Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Photo of 528 Lavina Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 (MLS # 202002532)
3 beds 3 baths 1,792 sqft $234,900
1929 Brandywine Trail Fort Wayne, IN 46845
Photo of 1929 Brandywine Trail, Fort Wayne, IN 46845 (MLS # 202002529)
4 beds 4 baths 4,876 sqft $379,900
5312 Oak Mast Trail Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Photo of 5312 Oak Mast Trail, Fort Wayne, IN 46804 (MLS # 202002496)
4 beds 3 baths 2,168 sqft $204,900
15392 Verano Place Fort Wayne, IN 46845
Photo of 15392 Verano Place, Fort Wayne, IN 46845 (MLS # 202002406)
3 beds 2 baths 1,902 sqft $299,900
11338 Bromley Cove Fort Wayne, IN 46845-2043
Photo of 11338 Bromley Cove, Fort Wayne, IN 46845-2043 (MLS # 202002380)
3 beds 4 baths 3,060 sqft $240,000
9807 Silver Lake Court Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Photo of 9807 Silver Lake Court, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 (MLS # 202002324)
3 beds 3 baths 3,072 sqft $300,000
1232 Lone Oak Boulevard Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Photo of 1232 Lone Oak Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 (MLS # 202002282)
4 beds 3 baths 2,178 sqft $236,900
303 EDENBRIDGE Boulevard Fort Wayne, IN 46845
Photo of 303 EDENBRIDGE Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN 46845 (MLS # 202002261)
3 beds 2 baths 1,554 sqft $254,500
7905 saint joe center Road Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Photo of 7905 saint joe center Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46835 (MLS # 202002246)
3 beds 2 baths 1,866 sqft $290,000
7091 Wolfsboro Lane Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Photo of 7091 Wolfsboro Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46835 (MLS # 202002196)
3 beds 2 baths 1,567 sqft $280,000
7024 Tullamore Court Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Photo of 7024 Tullamore Court, Fort Wayne, IN 46835 (MLS # 202002159)
3 beds 2 baths 1,648 sqft $216,000
12524 Great Pines Cove Fort Wayne, IN 46845
Photo of 12524 Great Pines Cove, Fort Wayne, IN 46845 (MLS # 202002145)
4 beds 4 baths 2,964 sqft $315,000
8609 Greyhawk Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Photo of 8609 Greyhawk Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46835 (MLS # 202002129)
5 beds 4 baths 3,977 sqft $339,900
10324 Minnich Road Fort Wayne, IN 46816
Photo of 10324 Minnich Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46816 (MLS # 202002046)
3 beds 4 baths 3,802 sqft $329,900
7736 Felger Road Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Photo of 7736 Felger Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 (MLS # 202002006)
3 beds 2 baths 1,260 sqft $193,000
13544 Alicante Way Fort Wayne, IN 46845
Photo of 13544 Alicante Way, Fort Wayne, IN 46845 (MLS # 202001960)
3 beds 2 baths 2,100 sqft $359,900
15197 Harrison Lake Cove Fort Wayne, IN 46814-8736
Photo of 15197 Harrison Lake Cove, Fort Wayne, IN 46814-8736 (MLS # 202001932)
4 beds 3 baths 2,268 sqft $389,900
12551 Gondola Parkway Fort Wayne, IN 46845
Photo of 12551 Gondola Parkway, Fort Wayne, IN 46845 (MLS # 202001917)
4 beds 3 baths 3,627 sqft $389,900

Walk Score for Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne School Data

Fort Wayne School Districts

M S D Southwest Allen County Schls
Fort Wayne Community Schools
Northwest Allen County Schools
Timothy L Johnson Academy
Imagine Master Academy
Imagine Master on Broadway
Smith Academy For Excellence
Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy

Fort Wayne Schools

Aboite Elementary School
K-5, public
Homestead Senior High School
9-12, public
Woodside Middle School
6-8, public
Whispering Meadow Elementary School
K-5, public
Summit Middle School
6-8, public
Haverhill Elementary School
K-5, public
Deer Ridge Elementary
K-5, public
Paul Harding High School
9-12, public
Southwick Elementary School
PK-2, public
Village Elementary School
K-5, public
Prince Chapman Academy
6-8, public
Cedarville Elementary School
K-3, public
Adams Elementary School
PK-5, public
Arlington Elementary School
K-5, public
Blackhawk Middle School
6-8, public
Bloomingdale Elementary School
PK-5, public
Brentwood Elementary School
PK-5, public
Bunche Elementary School
PK-5, public
Elmhurst High School
9-12, public
Forest Park Elementary School
PK-5, public
Francis M Price Elementary School
PK-5, public
Franke Park Elementary School
PK-5, public
Fred High Croninger Elementary School
K-5, public
Glenwood Park Elementary School
K-5, public
Harrison Hill Elementary School
PK-5, public

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